Leading For Life – Rebecca Donaghey

Rebecca Donaghey is a 20 year old, who is currently in her second year studying Social Sciences at City of Glasgow College (COGC). Rebecca was born and raised in the town of Kirkintilloch, just outside Glasgow.

Being born into a Christian family Rebecca spent her early childhood attending a Catholic Church with her Father. However, when her siblings started to attend Kirkintilloch Baptist Church with her Mum and Gran, Rebecca decided to go along as well.

It wasn’t until the age of twelve, when her older brother showed her a video called the Lifehouse Skit, that she felt “God knocking on the door of my heart and it was up to me to let him in. So on that night I decided to give my life to God.” After this, while attending and worshipping at KBC her love for God deepened; but she felt as if God was moving her somewhere else; One Sunday she was invited to join her friend at Adelaide Place Baptist Church where she says she felt “instantly at home there” and has been worshipping there ever since.

At the start of her first year at college, Rebecca felt as if she had been “left in the sidelines” when it came to leadership. This all changed when, at the start of her second year, a person she had never met approached her and gave her a prophecy that God was ‘moving her out of the sidelines and into a leadership role’. This, of course, mimicked the same words she had used that previous year. Not long after this prophecy, Rebecca met Dawn who also studies at COGC. As their friendship grew Dawn mentioned to Rebecca that she felt God calling her to start a community within the college for fellow Christians to meet together. This really struck a chord with Rebecca! Rebecca shared with Dawn the feeling that God was calling her into a Leadership role and that starting a Christian gathering in the college, felt like it had God within it.

They approached the College and asked to set up a brand new Christian Union within it, which at the time was the first Christian Union within a secular college anywhere in the country. Within weeks of discussing it, Rebecca and Dawn officially signed the paperwork and formed the COGC Christian Union. They now have a small number of young people who regularly attend their meetings, where they encourage each other in their walk with Christ. Rebecca notes that the CU has been created thanks to the “amazing group of people who have given their time and support for this” especially her partner in crime of Dawn.

Throughout Rebecca’s transition from school to college and setting up the CU she has “always reminded myself to stay strong within my faith through many trials and tribulations and God has always been there for me, I just had to cling to Him.” Rebecca wants to use the experiences she has had to inspire other people who feel as if they are “in the sidelines” to trust in God and know, as she did, that “His plan for me was much greater than mine.”

  • Please pray for Rebecca as she leads the new CU at COGC, and as she continues with her Social Science studies.
  • Please also pray that she will continue to rely on God and his plan, not just for the CU, but also for her life too.