Andrew McCallum- Leading For Life

Andrew McCallum is 19 years old and is currently studying in his 3rd Year of Politics at the University of Strathclyde. He is originally from the town of Ellon, just North of Aberdeen, where he grew up attending Ellon Baptist Church. Since moving to Glasgow in 2016, he has been worshipping at Adelaide Place Baptist Church and in February 2018 became the President of the Strathclyde Christian Union.

For Andrew, faith didn’t arrive in a “eureka moment” and is more about “evolving that relationship with God.” He says he realised one day that Christianity was not about reading the Bible or fulfilling all the laws but that it was actually about a personal relationship with Jesus, in which you have been forgiven. In life, Andrew tries to embody Jesus in what he does and how he lives always focussed on living to “try to share that love and forgiveness (of Jesus) with other people”.  This desire to impact others with the life and teachings of Jesus led Andrew to get involved in the work of Strathclyde CU. “the CU exists to give every student on campus an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ.” So, when approached to consider serving as president, Andrew felt God was calling him to work with the whole Christian student body to  “make Jesus name famous on campus.”

It is not just students that Andrew is passionate about influencing with the gospel. As a politics student, Andrew wants to see a massive change in the areas of poverty and injustice in this world. As someone committed to working within politics and social policy, Andrew is passionate about seeing positive change for those most vulnerable in our society. Ultimately he believes that “at the end of the day the Kingdom of God is the only thing that will restore justice and community.” He is a great believer that “the church is one of the major forces in this country battling poverty and injustice, and yet there’s so much more potential for growth and so many more ideas that God wants to see happen and so many more communities that are still to be reached.”

At the recent Onelife young leaders conference at Queens Park Baptist Church, Andrew gathered with young leaders from across many Scottish Baptist churches. It was a conference aimed at inspiring leaders to influence all areas of society. Andrew is hoping to see “a generation of young leaders with new ideas come and really make an impact in communities for God.”

Please pray for Andrew in his leadership role with Strathclyde CU, as he studies Politics and Social Policy and as he seeks to be true to the call of God on his life to work for the transformation of society.