Peaceful Transformation Team

The Peaceful Transformation Team is aware that conflict is part and parcel of life in this present age. It would be strange if believers did not face it, either within church or outside it. Conflict is not always there to be ‘avoided’, ‘managed’ or ‘resolved’. This is not, therefore, a ‘Conflict Resolution’ team who will fly in and speedily impose a new regime. Rather, the team seeks, where appropriate, to be a catalyst working alongside others as they seek to ‘transform’ conflict into something that is healthier – which may mean a healthy engagement with continuing conflict.

The Peaceful Transformation Team offers a number of ‘services’:

Joint Mediation

 Where two members work with the conflicted parties in a church (whether these be individuals or groups) to facilitate them finding a way forward. The mediators neither take sides, nor impose solutions. Any agreed way forward should ideally emerge from facilitated discussions between the conflicted parties.

Teaching about healthy engagement with conflict

This can be tailor-made, from a single talk or seminar, to a weekend programme, to a multi-session course over a period of time. Teaching may be appropriate either when conflict has been or is an issue, or when a church is anticipating change. It may be for groups of leaders, or for a whole church community … indeed, for any who might reasonably be expected to struggle with the world, the flesh or the devil.

Mediation is offered free of charge, other than reasonable travel and subsistence expenses.

Teaching may attract a fee, plus expenses.


Referrals and requests for the assistance of the Peaceful Transformation Team can be made through the Mission & Ministry Advisor.

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