Grants & Financial Resourcing

The Baptist Union of Scotland run a small finance team made up of Beatrice Anderson, our part-time financial administrator, and Rev Peter Dick, our part-time Finance Director. Both members of staff are experienced in local church financial administration and are happy to give advice and support in this field. In particular they are responsible for administering our grant processes where churches can apply for funding for new initiatives and local developments in Mission and Ministry. Before contacting them for further details on the process, it is best to have read through the documentation below.

Funding Christian Mission & Ministry

The Baptist Union of Scotland exists to encourage and support member churches to bear witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In this mission & ministry we seek to live under Christ’s rule and to be unashamedly missional, intentionally relational and creatively rooted.

Mission Initiative (pioneer) Funding Criteria

The Mission Initiative (pioneer) Fund is governed under the principles laid out in the policy document “The Baptist Union of Scotland’s Commitment to funding Christian Mission and ministry.”

Ministry Resource Fund Grants Scheme

The aims of the scheme are:-

  1. To resource the funding of stipends, expenses and conditions of service to an agreed
  2. To stimulate continued development of accredited, mission-inspired ministry within
  3. To help finance a variety of ministries in areas of special need and opportunity.

Pension Roadshow

presented by:

The Baptist Pension Scheme Employers Group

If your query is regarding pensions there is a separate website for these issues which should be consulted prior to seeking further clarification.