Church Leadership

Supporting local church leaders with essential resources is a key role played by our Union. On this page you will find a variety of downloadable tools created by our Union Staff or other Baptist leaders around the country.

For churches considering incorporation

The adopting of a Constitution is an important part of church life in a Baptist Church. This should not be seen as a short process for the church, but should be a considered one done in prayer. Whilst most churches  will follow the SCIO model, available for download from the page, an unincorporated charity constitution model is available upon request.


General Director Alan Donaldson runs through the safeguarding checklist for churches

Links discussed in video:

Volunteer Scotland
Church Child Protection Advisory Service

The full checklist is available below.

Useful Information

 Baptist Insurance company

The Baptist Insurance company have created a series of resources to help church leadership teams navigate many of the day to day challenges of church life. The link will take you to their main resource page where you can get advice on a whole host of issues including letting church premises, working at height, being a trustee, personal safety, metal theft and preventing slippages.

Open or Closed Membership?

This is a significant contemporary pastoral issue among us as Scottish Baptists, and one which is far too rarely discussed. It is a subject, however, which we need to address with care, not least because it is one of those issues which somehow arouse unusually strong emotions. This is perhaps not so surprising, as the debate touches on our very identity as Baptist Christians.

Looking for ideas for your next service or sunday school class?

Evangelism Ideas is a great resource for collaboration with other church leaders to share ideas.

Iron sharpens Iron ministry is; “one Christian taking the initiative with another individual to help them know Christ better and obey him more fully, through studying the Scriptures, prayer (for and with them) and sharing one’s life with them – and leaving the results to God.”

One-to-one ministry is; “one Christian taking the initiative with another individual to help them know Christ better and obey him more fully, through studying the Scriptures, prayer (for and with them) and sharing one’s life with them – and leaving the results to God.”