Public Issues

Our Union is currently reshaping its approach to Public Theology. Currently chaired by Norman Graham, the group forms and disbands on an issue by issue basis in order to respond appropriately to the political setting we find ourselves in.

The groups seek to support the General Director in co-coordinating our Union’s response to current political, moral and ethical developments. They submit reasoned responses to a select number of consultations sent out by Holyrood and Westminster. They also seek to signpost resources to help churches reach their own conclusion on issues of national concern.
The Public Theology group works with other Christian organisations from time to time, and are regular contributors to and recipients of the work of the Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office.

We are represented on the Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office (SCPO) committee by Alan Donaldson. SCPO regularly produces excellent resources for those intending to engage with politicians, political parties and government consultations. For those intending to preach and teach on political issues you will find helpful insights into key issues for theological reflection.

In February 2019 we hosted a day of reflection and prayer entitled “In Christ through Brexit”. The five talks given that day were recorded and are available to view below. The content of each video has relevance in reflecting not only on politics but on modern practices pastoral care, witness and reconciliation.

Please address any questions or comments about Public Issues to our General Director:

The following resource modules on Religious Freedom have been published to assist our Baptist community in Scotland in thinking reflectively on the topic of Religious Freedom. Although the modules have been designed for use in discussion groups and Bible study groups, the material within the modules may also be used for workshops, day conferences, or even as resource material for worship. Local congregations will be best placed to decide how to use the material most creatively.