Sunday July 17th

Ivy Young, Ministry Administrator, BUS

Hawick Baptist Church

Praise –We give thanks for the increase in attendance at our weekly “Drop In” (record attendance of 22 there last Thursday!) – this is run in partnership with the Church army and is for people struggling with addiction or other issues
Prayer –Please pray for wisdom as we seek to replace our p/t community pastor who recently left us and for financial challenges as we resolve the “dry rot” problem in the church building

Helensburgh Baptist Church

High Blantyre Baptist Church

Praise: we praise God for such committed members and adherents, serving the Lord together with a tangible spirit of unity and a strong sense of being the family of God in High Blantyre. The Church maintains a steady evangelical witness in the town and celebrated its 120th Anniversary this year. We have extensive school contacts, two SU groups and a healthy Sunday Club.
Prayer: for God’s provision for continuing to sustain a full-time ministry, for our senior SU group in the local Academy (the Christian teacher who has hosted the group for 30 years retires this summer and no other staff member has expressed any interest yet), and for our newly-elected Deaconate as they settle into their term of office.

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