Sunday 8th October

Irish Baptist Networks

We give thanks for the encouragement of the wider Baptist family and BUS.

Please pray for the relaunch of the IBN website in October and our November seminar on the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the church and the believer. Please pray that this seminar will inspire and impact those who attend. Please also pray for Nabil Costa visiting us from Lebanon in December as he comes to minister to us at our AGM.

Oban Baptist Church

We give thanks for a busy summer of visitors from all over the world. We are grateful for the continued growth and strengthening of our congregation as we look to serve the Oban community.

Please pray for us as we establish our Hospitality Hubs around Oban – open doors to strengthen our fellowship and offer a safe and welcoming place where our neighbours can see the gospel in action.

Paisley Central Baptist Church

Peebles Baptist Church

In our longer term journey towards a full church and community building, we’ve sensed a challenge from God to act now. The church has therefore agreed to invest what money we’ve already raised in a “Phase 1” building. This won’t be big or fancy, but it will be quick, and will allow us to establish a physical presence on the South side of Peebles for missional activity. This is exciting – pray for unity and faith!

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