Sunday 6th March

Ron Flett (City Centre Chaplain, Aberdeen)

Praise:Things in are going well. We are now called “team Aberdeen”. Two volunteers Georgie and Meredith visit the shops and businesses in Union Street. Gary continues to do regular visits to the Foyer. Dan has taken up a charge in Edinburgh so I now cover Glencraft. So there is a lot to be grateful for as we serve as Chaplains. People are accessing the service and we are building useful links.
Prayer: For the dynamics of the team as we define our own roles and responsibilities. How we continue to grow the work of support in the Work Place.

Campbeltown Community Church

We are so grateful to God for the continued development and growth of the Mainly Music Outreach, which enables us to serve young families in our area. We are thankful too, for the start of a new youth programme and the teens from other churches that have boosted the numbers.

We are feeling the loss of members in their 20’s who have moved from the area over these past two years. Please join us in praying for disciples to move to the area to help us, and also that we would see by His Grace, souls won from the local community in 2016.

Canonmills Baptist Church

Carbrain Baptist Church

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