Sunday 6th December

Stonehaven Baptist Church


In November we baptized our newest member, Michael. He recently came to faith as a senior adult when one of our members befriended him and started bringing him along to our church. His testimony is as precious as is his bright countenance. Michael radiates the love and beauty of Jesus. Pray with us for more glorious conversions as we share our lives and faith in the Mearns.



It is nearly time for our church’s annual Christmas Eve carol service. In mid December—rain or snow—we are hand delivering 2,000 carol service invitations and 2,000 Christmas cards. The church children are designing the Christmas cards, and they are excited about sharing the joy of Jesus. Ask God to draw people around our church at this time of year, and ask him to give the best gift of all—the forgiveness of sins.

In January our church is starting Mainly Music for mums and tots. The training and preparations are well under way, and the church people are uniting around this ministry. So far about five unchurched mums are showing interest. Pray that the mums we know will sign up and pray that word-of-mouth spreads quickly.

Stranraer Baptist Church

Prayer point – for the leadership as we have started a program of systematic visitation of the members and adherents and for the congregation as they would be visited. We are seeking to look at giftedness in the fellowship and as we do this seek wisdom about the opportunities we have to serve God, each other and our community.

Praise point – A local group APEX who have received funding to set up a Recovery Cafe for people coming through addiction, have chosen to use our facilities as the base for this cafe, which will run one afternoon each week. This is a great opportunity to meet and help some of the needy people in our town.

Strathendrick Baptist Church

Here at Strathendrick we are thanking God For several new young families. We have a close link with an SU group at the High School and would like prayer for a proposed Christmas event at the local primary school.

Stromness Baptist Church

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