Sunday 5th August

Jim Purves (Mission & Ministry Advisor)

Give thanks to God for our churches’ desire to be relevant and serve others with the Gospel. Pray for sustained wisdom and effectiveness in offering counsel and pointers in working with developing churches across Scotland.

Hopeman Baptist Church

We recently had two ladies baptised on a Sunday morning, with many “un-churched” guests in attendance. Pray for their continued discipleship, as well as for the seeds that were planted in those visitors’ hearts. We also had three young girls accept Christ as Saviour in our kids’ club just before school ended as well.

Inverkeithing Baptist Church

We would like to give thanks to God for answered prayer. We have seen God work in miraculous ways in the midst of serious illness. We praise God too for his continued faithfulness to the church and give thanks for the areas where we are seeing the local community connect and enjoy the ministry of the church in our parent and toddler group and the weekly cafe.
Please pray for us to see deepening relationships with God and with each other. Please pray that we find ways of reaching young people and families in Inverkeithing in a meaningful way.

Inverness Baptist Church

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