Sunday 30th December

Whytes Causeway Baptist Church

Please pray for the church as Ron Rye goes on sabbatical in January. Pray also for the new leadership team as they take on extra responsibilities during this time. Give thanks for the number of children now attending the church on a Sunday and pray for the church as they seek to appoint a children’s worker to coordinate and develop this work.

Wick and Keiss Baptist Church

We praise God for the encouragement we receive through the children in our Sunday school and for his provision of preachers during our time of vacancy. We pray for growth in our Sunday services, for the provision of a pastor, and for wisdom as we seek to reach out and serve the community.

Wigtown Baptist Church

Please pray for the church fellowship in Wigtown.

Wishaw Baptist Church

We are now into our fourth year of vacancy, please pray that we have wisdom, grace, and patience as we seek God’s will for us. Please give thanks for the continued good use of our premises made by community groups (AA, MS, etc.), with the resultant opportunities for friendship evangelism.

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