Sunday 30th April

Stuart Murdoch – Chaplain, Strathcarron hospice

Give thanks for the great opportunity to support patients, families, and Staff in the area of Palliative Care which is such a blessing. Touching sensitive areas of conversation such as anger, loss, denial, lost, acceptance, ‘Permission to Die’ conversations, apparitions makes for very deep and interesting conversations. Please pray for me as I study for the “Diploma in Pastoral Supervision”, as it helps and develops the way I support patients, families and Staff. I praise God for His continual blessing upon me, my family and that He would continue to develop and strengthen within me this ministry in Strathcarron Hospice to which He has Called me.

Dalbeattie Baptist

Dalkeith Baptist

Give thanks to God for His continuing faithfulness and goodness to us at Dalkeith. We have seen a few new couples recently join with us in worship. One of these couples have been baptised!! Very encouraging. We are planning to run the Christianity Explored Course for the whole church very soon, please pray that God will get behind that. After all, His glory is at stake!

Jeremy Shaw, Pastor, and his wife Karen wish to give thanks to God for such a loving, gracious, kind, supportive, patient, and generous church family. Please, with us, thank God for Dalkeith Baptist Church! We celebrate our unity. but we don’t take it for granted. We give thanks to God. Pray that God would be glorified in our church.

Dedridge Baptist

We have been without a pastor for 3 years now so please pray that we will soon find the person of God’s choice to lead the church onwards in unity. We continue to be very active with outreach to young families, the elderly and those with practical needs, so please give thanks for that.

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