Sunday 29th October

Renfrew Baptist Church

We are so very thankful for Jesus our rock and our redeemer! We would like to give God all the glory for the children that worship with us, the 90 year olds and the 9 year olds alike! We praise God for our recent new members and upcoming baptism.

We ask God to make us a church that will jealously and passionately seek His glory in all that we do.
We ask God to bring to salvation 25 people by His grace in the next twelve months through the work of RBC. We ask God to move our members to disciple the young ones in our church which make up roughly 2/3 of the body.

Rosyth Baptist Church

Rutherglen Baptist Community Church

We give thanks for the development of Messy Church and the Men’s Shed and the on-going success of our out of school service called ARK.

Please pray as we review all of our activities to make them more focussed in order to nurture members of the congregation in faith and to help those in the community find an accessible place to explore faith.

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