Sunday 20th May

Andrew Oliver (Chaplain, Royal Highland Fusilliers, 2nd Battalion)

Drumchapel Baptist Church

Dumbarton Baptist Church

We thank God that Dumbarton Baptist Church is enjoying some positive momentum. We would really welcome your prayers as we develop evangelistic Bible study groups in partnership with Big Life ministries, a Prospects group to welcome people with learning disabilities into the church family and a bus outreach to local young people with The Message Trust, Alpha Scotland and a local church partner.

Dumfries Baptist Church

We are thankful to God for the provision of our new church centre and praise Him for His amazing provision. Please pray that we will steward our new building in a way that honours God in its three uses. 1. Church – for our own church family, services, ministries and evangelism and other churches 2. Community – as we welcome and serve the community groups and users 3. Commercial – as we open and run Cornerstone Café, welcome and serve Business, Council, Educational and other groups for meetings and conferencing. Pray that all will be done for the glory of God and the building of His kingdom.

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