Sunday 16th September

Scottish Baptist Women’s Fellowship

We thank God for our new leadership group and that numbers attending our main events are encouraging. We are grateful to God that Andrea Voysey has accepted the position of President for the next two years. Pray that we will continue to seek the Lord’s wisdom and guidance for the future and that a new treasurer will be found for the beginning of our new session.

Linwood Baptist Church

We give thanks to God for his faithfulness as we celebrate our 50th anniversary in October. Give thanks for the various groups using the church including the Helping Hands group, which has a number from the community attending. Give thanks for the opportunities in various schools and care homes in the community that God would bless these and we would see results. Pray for God’s blessing on the church as we seek to serve God in this community, and for new people to be reached through the work and witness of the church. That we might have many reasons to rejoice in God’s goodness throughout this year.

Lochgilphead Baptist Church

Please pray for fresh vision and enthusiasm for our leaders following the summer break. We have many young families attending our various activities. Pray for continued building of relationships and that we will see some come to a life changing faith in Christ. The church is about to enter a time of vacancy and we would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and patience as we plan for the future.

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