Sunday 11th September

Baptist Union of Wales

Please prayer for Action Team Wales as they serve our welsh speaking and bi-lingual churches and also our planning meetings for 2017 Day of Celebration for all Baptists in Wales. We have also recently appointed two new Trustees, Francis and Bill as well as a new Treasurer, Glyndwr. Please do pray for them as they seek to serve our Baptist family in Wales.

Leslie Baptist Church

Leven Baptist Church

We praise God for the overwhelming endorsement in calling Amanda Quick to continue serving as Assistant Pastor following her pre-accreditation period which will be completed at the end of this year. Amanda will initially remain with us for a further two years after her accreditation.
Please pray as we continue to seek to build a discipling church seeking to promote balanced Christian lives growing in the up relationship with God, the in relationships with one another, and the out relationships within our wider communities.

Linwood Baptist Church

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