Sunday 22nd May

Rebekah Sharp (Chaplain, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow)

Praise Point: currently leading fortnightly ward church services in the DME (Departement of medicine for elderly) in the dementia ward. Which includes singing old hymns, sunday school songs, sharing scripture and prayer time together. This is a mutually benefical experience for all involved. I always leave on a high those friday afternoons patients are in a safe place of worship and memory. It is also a something which ward staff who support it are benefiting from.

Prayer point: Ward Visitor scheme for chaplaincy volunteers is up and running in the new hospital building but we need more volunteers. Aim is to have a ward visitor in every ward in the new hospital to check in on and visit patients in single rooms with no/few visitors.

Jim Simpson (Chaplain, Royal Cornhill Hospital, Aberdeen)

Dundee Central Baptist Church

Dunfermline West Baptist Church

We give thanks for the Child Blessing which took place on Sunday 17th April when many unchurched members of the family attended the service.
Please pray for us as we go into a Vacancy at the end of May, when we say goodbye to our pastor Rev Douglas Whyte and his wife Anne. We pray God’s blessing on them as they continue to serve Him in their retirement.

Dunoon Baptist Church

Praise God for very encouraging results from recent Alpha programme and pray for follow up “Getting In” programme,
Pray for new Community Youth Worker, Kyle Wilson, as he settles in to his new post.

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