The Council of the Baptist Union of Scotland sets the general policies and guidelines of the Union.

It serves to give input and accountability to the National Team between Assemblies and sets up Task Groups as required, doing strategic thinking on matters of the moment.

Council also has the responsibility of making National Team appointments. Council allows coherence and collaborative thinking amongst various groups, and embodies our interdependence on one another.

Since Council is a discerning body, it is important that, as far as is possible, Council reflects the churches that make up our Union (location, size, etc) and consists of people who are able and willing to engage with these issues.

It is also important that Council is representative of age, gender, ethnicity and ‘lay/ordained’.

Council meets residentially over 2 days, twice a year, although additional meetings may be called as required.

These meetings are currently held in March and September. Council members are appointed by Assembly for terms of three years, having been proposed by their churches. These appointments are on a rolling basis to allow good continuity, with a third of Council members standing down and replacements sought each year.

The National Team and Trustees have responsibility to ensure that a good balance, as noted above, is maintained.

As well as members from our Union of churches, Council also comprises staff members and members from related Baptist organisations and co-opted members.

For more detailed information about the responsibilities of Council, please see our Constitution and Bye Laws.