An Invitation to a Journey

At the heart of our Union has been a longing to resource a network of life-changing Baptist communities: living, breathing, growing churches, whose Christ-like living has a transformative impact on Scotland’s villages, towns and cities. We want to create an environment where creative mission thinking, in different contexts, can be germinated and nurtured.

An Invitation to a Journey became a catalytic document that has propelled us forward as a Union since 2011. It has called us to rediscover roots and celebrate them under the title of being creatively rooted. It has challenged our independent bias by directing our thinking towards being intentionally relational. It has focused our minds on the missionary origins of our Union in its call to be unashamedly missional.

Today it continues to inform and direct our way of being by capturing some of our key convictions.

We invite churches in membership of our Union and those considering joining with us to consider how these convictional drivers might impact their journey as a local church.

A study guide called “Under Christ’s Rule” exists to help churches explore being creatively rooted. A series of short stories have been gathered and published in a booklet called “Forging the Future.” These along with the original document “An Invitation to a Journey” are available to download below.