What’s your unique gift

Today, I am told, is ‘Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day’. It is also the day after the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, heralding the approach of Black Friday and Advent: an economic forecast that bears good news to some and poor news for others. Nigel Farage would also have, in the eyes of at least one, a unique talent as a possible ambassador.

So what is your ‘unique talent’?

How does it contribute towards the enhancement of your life and the blessing of others?

I confess that I have a particular fondness for the TV series, Professional MasterChef. To watch contestants take their respective talents and creatively produce something that is both good to eat and lovely to look at is just great. I suppose it is because they are taking what they are given and making the best out of it. That is probably why I particularly look forward to the part of the competition where they are given scraps to prepare a banquet.

So, here’s my question to you. What are you doing with what you have been given to work with? Yes, some of us seem to get a raw deal when it comes to life in this world. Some have more, some have less. But what is it that God has placed in your life – for He has placed it there – that is special, unique?

Now, I don’t mean that you go away now and do some sort of ‘work out my special talent’ online test! Because whatever your talent is, the question is, ‘what makes it unique’?

Here’s an answer for you. If you have opened your life to Jesus Christ and are actively relating to Him as your Lord and master, you have the most unique gift that anyone can have: God has made you His child (John 1.12)! All the resources of heaven are behind you, as you have been born into a new life as God’s beloved (Romans 8.28). The question is, how will you use this unique gift, your calling to live out a life as God’s child?

This Sunday is the 1st Sunday of Advent, when Christians traditionally set out to focus on how God’s very own son used His unique gift. The Bible tells us that He didn’t set out to give himself a cosy life. He intentionally humbled Himself and applied Himself to being a servant for others, bringing salvation and hope into the lives of men, women and children.

So, what’s your unique gift: is it to look in the mirror and search for meaning and significance in your own life?
Or is it to open the door and to step out, to bring hope and comfort for those who are in real need?
For those who have become the children of God, through faith in Jesus, there is only one answer.


Rev Dr Jim Purves

Mission and Ministry Advisor

Baptist Union of Scotland