Warming hearts in Winter

Winter has arrived! Wind, wet and snow. After the festive season, it’s back to ‘auld clathes and porridge’. And for many folk, it’s a misery that brings few signs of spring coming. The gap between the richest and poorest increases, benefits are tightened and food banks grow. Heath services are strained and local councils face demands for the care of the elderly and the cure of broken lives. An increasingly secularised society where values for good behaviour are held captive to celebrity lifestyles.

Never, since the 1950’s, has there been a better season for Christian witness! Believing and receiving the Promises of God, looking to be filled with the Holy Spirit, hoping on New Heaven and New Earth. We have something real and tangible to offer friends, family, colleagues and neighbours

For what we offer, as Baptists, is something to warm and welcome the weary and care-worn. Churches built on Bible truths. Jesus at the Centre. A commitment to strong bonds of fellowship and mutual support. An invitation to step into the light and love of Jesus Christ, whose radiance can melt the coldest heart.

Around us, there is no longer a clear expectation of prosperity, either with or without Brexit. In the middle of winter, let’s warm our hearts before the God of grace, in prayer. Let’s feed afresh on the Lord, in the Gospel. Let’s reach out to folks, showing them love and support. What an opportunity such a winter brings.

Rev Dr Jim Purves

Mission and Ministry Advisor

Baptist Union of Scotland