The Power of Story

We all like a good yarn, don’t we? Perhaps it’s the summer blockbuster story of a bunch of toys going on yet another adventure – Buzz, are your batteries not dead yet? Stories can be powerful. The stories we believe about ourselves, skewed or otherwise. Other people’s stories. God’s story.

This year I have been reading my way through the Old Testament, albeit very slowly! I have been struck by the power of story. The forming of a nation, God’s chosen people, and their adventures over the centuries – in and out of captivity; in times of war and peace; their hearts turned towards God and just as quickly turned away again. It’s the story of God’s faithfulness to his people again and again, ultimately pointing us all towards Jesus.

I know that all of our churches across Scotland also have many stories to tell. Stories about new opportunities, ministries and of faithfully reaching out into the local community. Stories about people turning their lives around and coming to know Jesus. Perhaps stories about the faithfulness of God when times are tough and things are not going so well.

Over the year, it has been great to hear the stories of our churches coming together at the Regional Gatherings during our 150th anniversary year, and the way the Prayer Baton has brought our churches together as it travels around the country. It’s been great to share some of these stories in Connect.

While we get to hear many stories from our churches through social media and visits from National Team members, we certainly don’t get hear all the stories.

So I am looking for your help!

We want to hear more stories from our churches so that we can share them. We are not churches in isolation, but a family of churches and like all families we will have plenty of stories to share! So what’s your church’s news and what stories can you share? We won’t be able to include all of the stories in E-Connect, but knowing the stories is a start!

If your church has a story to share with us please email me using:

We’d love to hear from you!


Jenny Wilson

Connect Editor