The 10:10 Project

How can we reach the young people of Scotland with the life transforming news of Jesus?

On the day that Billy Graham died at the age of 99, I find myself reflecting on our need to see a new generations of evangelists rise up to impact their generation. Perhaps we will get back to stadium crusades in Scotland as was the case in the ‘Tell Scotland’ campaign of the 1950’s or ‘Mission Scotland’ in the early 1990’s.

However, in the meantime I wonder if what we need is an easy way to help churches to do the hard work of communicating the gospel relevantly to a generation far removed from church. A generation that will not easily appear in our Sunday gatherings, are in many cases very honest about their needs in life but unable to see how faith in Jesus could fulfil them. Project 10:10 is designed to help bridge that divide and help young people see the incredible life that can be found in Jesus.

I’m really excited about the potential of Project 10:10 for our churches.

So what is it?
Well here is a little interview that I did to explain it.

Project 10:10 is remarkably simple.

It’s 16 weeks to meaningfully connect with young people in your community, helping them to find a way to live life to the full.

Pre 10:10 – Get a team of 6 people. Get excellent training from Alpha and the Eden Bus.

Week 1-6

Get the Eden Bus to run youth nights wherever you think will work best.

Find out about the Eden bus here.

Week 6-16

Using the amazing Alpha Youth Series, run a youth night for the young people you are getting to know.

To find out more about Alpha Youth Series

and watch content click here.

So here is how it all works.

  1. A church pulls together a team of around 6 people. (We do not provide team.)
  2. Alpha and Eden (Message Trust) provide a day’s training.
  3. The bus comes for 6 straight weeks to a location you have chosen.
  4. Week 5/6 you start running Alpha Youth Series.
  5. Week 7 you need a venue to continue the Alpha.
  6. Week 12 the bus returns as part of the day away on alpha.
  7. Week 16/17 the bus returns for an end of project celebration.
  8. Week 18 the church continues the journey with the young people they have connected with.

If you want to do this or find out more what do you do?

We have availability for 9 churches to do the project from late August 2018 through to Christmas. Please contact to set this up. We expect these to book up quickly.

As a Union of churches we are committed to new expressions of mission and so if finance is the only hesitation you have please do not worry, there are funding options available.

Ali Laing

Next Generation Development Coordinator

Baptist Union of Scotland