Thanks to Jacqueline Primrose

Jacqueline was appointed Convenor of the Baptist Union of Scotland in 2009. For over 7 years she has served us faithfully and cheerfully. This voluntary role within our Union requires dedication and courage: courage to champion the forgotten, the missing, the voice of the quiet, to question the perceived wisdom of other leaders and to stop those hogging the limelight or the debate. It requires dedication to attend meetings, to travel great distances on winter nights, to be absent from home and family whilst representing our community.

It requires skill to follow the arguments being presented, to ensure that reports are complementary and not contradictory, to ensure policy is being followed and that the way it is being followed is God honouring. It also requires a great deal of listening to colleagues, church office bearers, assembly delegates and council members. Jacqueline has listened to the best and worst of Baptist life over these years and always sought to bring joy and peace, whatever she encountered.

Jacqueline has brought great skill to the role and good order to assembly, council, trustees and national team; shaping our conversations, guiding our processes, summarising our decisions and ensuring our minutes capture what we thought we said. As we have changed, she has changed with us, bringing security through her continual presence, whilst enabling us all to grow.

She has brought her joy and life to the office, lifting the staff in hard days, comforting them during periods of redundancy, staff changes and office moves, supplying cake and calories with great liberality.

Jacqueline has worked alongside churches to help shape constitutions, supported chairpersons through difficult meetings and often advised on mission strategies, community audits and church transition.

We are also grateful to Colin, Gillian, Deborah and David who released her to serve us and supported her at home when we sent her back tired, emotionally drained and suffering from a migraine.

And now we rejoice with her as she moves on in Christ’s service, as she participates in studies at our college in preparation for accredited ministry. Please give thanks with me for the ministry of Jacqueline Primrose.

Alan Donaldson