Scottish Denominational Church Leaders annual meeting

On the 25th of November Rev Alan Donaldson,General Director of the Baptist Union of Scotland, chaired the Scottish Denominational Church Leaders annual meeting with the first minister.The topics explored on this occasion included climate change, human rights including religious freedom, welfare reform and our response to the European refugee crisis. Church leaders encouraged the First Minister to continue campaigning for a greater response from the Westminster Government in terms of the numbers we are willing to accommodate in the United Kingdom. In turn, the First Minister encouraged church leaders to do all they could to encourage a peaceful welcome for refugees and to allay the fears of Scottish people following the recent attacks in Paris. 

The First Minister is pictured with church leaders holding the Eco-congregation Scotland’s Climate Baton. The Baton has visited over 100 churches, schools and other locations.  It has been to distant islands, to the summit of Ben Lomond and has been passed between thousands of members of congregations and church leaders. It will arrive in Paris carrying the prayers, hopes and aspirations of congregations across Scotland for climate justice to be central to any agreement reached at the conference.