Revd Douglas Eric Watson

Douglas Eric Watson was born in Brixton, London, on 11 March 1928. He was one of three children, with an older brother Roy who predeceased him and a sister Iris. His earlier years, like those of many families of that era, were very difficult enduring both the blitz as the result of World War Two and the consequent evacuation of children to safer areas of the country. In his childhood the Watson family attended Chatsworth Way Baptist Church, West Norwood. Eric and Roy, aged 11 and 13 respectively, were baptised on the same Sunday in their home congregation. His National Service took place with the Royal Marines in Malta where he met his future wife Betty. They have three children, David, Christopher and Elizabeth, seven grandchildren and one great grand-child. Eric was a gifted sportsman playing both football and cricket in his earlier years. He had been a member of the Inter Services League Champions Cricket Team in 1947. He also had a trial with Crystal Palace Football Club prior to training for Baptist ministry. He captained the Spurgeon’s College football team for whom he played for two seasons; later playing as a centre-back for Fareham United during his first pastorate. Eric Watson entered Spurgeon’s College to train for Baptist pastoral ministry in 1949, and then served at New Life Baptist Church, Fareham (1952-1957); Forrest Hill Baptist Church, Sydenham (1958-1964); Dennistoun, Glasgow (1964-1970); Rattray Street, Dundee (1970-1983); and then as the first Superintendent, Baptist Union of Scotland (1983-1993); prior to retirement in Broughty Ferry. He was honoured with the Presidency of the Baptist Union of Scotland, 1977-1978 and the Presidency of the Baptist Missionary Society, 1994-1995. He was a very gifted preacher and pastor. He was preaching regularly in Baptist and other churches and stood in for his pastor at Broughty Ferry at holiday times until his death on Wednesday 8 March 2018.