Rev Alex Wright

Alex was born July 1927 and after being baptised he became an active member of Shotts Baptist Church until called upon to fulfil his National Service obligations. After he finished his two years commitment with the army, attached to the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), he became a ministerial student at Spurgeon’s College in London. He was not only an enthusiastic student winning the T.M. Bamber Prize in 1954 but was equally committed to playing on the college football team. He swiftly rose to captain the team and was entrusted with this leadership role for three years and it was under his leadership that the team won the inter-college ‘London Football Shield.’

Alex was ordained to the Baptist ministry on 25 July 1954 at his home church, and became the pastor at Stocking Farm Baptist Church in Leicester until 1958. He accepted the call to the new town ministry at Glenrothes Baptist Church becoming its first full time pastor on the 5 January 1958. This was to become his life work, working closely with his wife Lottie. They would faithfully serve until his retirement in 1993 choosing to remain a well loved member. The same year he was elected president for 1993 -1994 session of the Annual Assembly of the Baptist Union of Scotland.

Under his inspiring leadership, through many challenges, the fellowship grew numerically and in spiritual depth, seeking always to win Glenrothes for Christ. During his ministry he was key to the founding of Glenrothes Council of Churches.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lottie, their sons David and Alistair, and their grandchildren Lindsay and Kirsty. I, as a new pastor following in his giant footsteps will always be thankful for his kind advice when sought and his constant support and encouragement.

Neil Allison

(Alex’s ministry at Glenrothes Baptist Church is described in The Adventure of Faith: Glenrothes Baptist Church 1958-1993, written by Neil E Allison (Norfolk: Glenrothes Baptist Church 2016). Copies are available from Colin Roworth C/o Glenrothes Baptist Church £6)