The Pre-Accredited Years of Ministry

I’ve just returned from our annual conference for pre-accredited ministers in Pitlochry. It was a conference that almost didn’t happen due to a major fire at the Fisher’s Hotel on New Year’s Day. Thankfully the hotel managed to accommodate us in the section unaffected by the fire, with just a background smell of smoke to remind us of the Hogmanay conflagration.

There are about 30 pre-accredited ministers. These are men and women in the first three years of ministry. They have already been recognised by our Union’s Board of Ministry and called to serve in a local church. During these early years of ministry we provide a high level of support and nurture good ministry habits which will help them to sustain a fruitful ministry over years and decades to come.

With the support of their churches they are released to take part in the annual conference every January (hence we were in Pitlochry) as well as practical ministry workshops in June and an autumn spiritual retreat day.

Supported by a mentor and by our National Team we look to see them complete the pre-accredited requirements set by our Board of Ministry  and establish a mature, spiritual and visionary  practice of ministry. We then recognise them as fully accredited ministers at our Baptist Assembly.

Let’s be mindful of those we know who are diligently working through the pre-accredited years and support them with our encouragement and our prayers.