Prayer baton’s historic travels in Orkney!

Following the induction of their new pastor, Rev Martin Donaghey, on Saturday evening, friends from Kirkwall and Stromness churches joined the Westray congregation after their Sunday morning service for a picnic at Noltland Castle. With the prayer baton being passed around, the lively group of about 130 folks made their way on foot in beautiful sunshine to the Castle, the first meeting place for Baptists in Orkney over 200 years ago. This was Orkney’s celebration of 150 years of the Baptist Union.

After food all enjoyed an informal time of fellowship. The children were given a ‘Time Travellers Guide’ to the church from Jerusalem to Westray and beyond by Rev Tim Proudlove from Kirkwall Baptist Church. This involved much hilarity, spinning around and some very active imaginations as he brought them up to present day and beyond. While the adults continued in praise the children were involved in activities around the castle.

Ali Laing brought greetings from the Baptist Union and members of the three congregations led prayers for Orkney.

The scroll from the baton was then signed by representatives of the three churches and a very enjoyable weekend ended with tea in the Westray Church before visitors caught the evening ferry back to Mainland, Orkney.