Practical Steps and Christian Presence: Coronavirus Update 13 March 2020

Lord, Jesus Christ, we come to you carrying the fears and uncertainties of this current crisis, hearing your invitation to cast all our cares on you.
Jesus, the Great Healer, for those suffering the symptoms of coronavirus, bring recovery, immunity and new strength.
Jesus, the Prince of Peace for those full of fear at what might come to pass, let the knowledge of your presence calm their troubled hearts.
Jesus, the Servant of All, for those providing health care in these demanding times, give strength, skill and support.
Jesus, Lord of the Church, For the sake of your world and the glory of your name, raise us up for deeds of compassion and mercy in these days.
Jesus, Crucified and Risen Saviour, may your power be made known, for the blessing of your world and the glory of your name.