Scottish Baptist Assembly – open letter to Motherwell

The Scottish Baptist Assembly has asked Alan Donaldson, General Director of the Baptist Union of Scotland to write a letter to the people of Motherwell after the news of the mothballing of the Dalzell steel works.

Open Letter from the Baptist Union of Scotland to the people of Motherwell

For the last three years Baptist church members have met in the Civic Centre in Motherwell for their annual gathering. We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the welcome we have received and for the hospitality shown by the town.

On this occasion we are mindful that our gathering has coincided with the devastating news of the mothballing of the Dalzell steel works and the subsequent loss of 225 local jobs.

During our gathering we have prayed for the households affected by this decision, asking that you may be strengthened in your resolve, find patience and peace in the face of difficulties, and that new opportunities for employment will be found. We give thanks for the sense of community that exists in Motherwell and pray that once again this town would experience the strength of standing together in the face of adversity. We pray also that the Steel Task Force which began its work yesterday will be successful in its endeavours, bringing real hope and a vibrant future to the town.

As a community of churches we will seek to support Motherwell Baptist Church who have already extended an arm of friendship to the workforce, offering pastoral support and practical help to those in need.

As we leave the town today, grateful for your generosity and hospitality, we promise to continue to hold your community in our prayers in the days to come.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Donaldson

(General Director, Baptist Union of Scotland)