Assembly booking is now open. We are returning to Motherwell Civic Centre. Early Bird discounts are available until the end of the month! Everything sounds predictable, except this year you could be a keynote speaker. You are being invited to bring a message of hope to our Assembly. There is no age limit, no media limitation, you don’t need to have achieved some elevated status of leadership within the church. We are looking to gather together messages of hope from the churches collectively, and also from individuals who will take the time to carefully and prayerfully craft a letter, tweet or video to be shared in the run up to Assembly and during the course of our gathering.

Baptists have been committed to the priesthood of all believers since their inception. One expression of this is that we believe that each of us can speak directly with our Father God and can hear his voice directly, through others, in his word and in the world around us. Taking time to listen to all voices is a challenge. Big voices are always easier to hear, yet in Scripture it is so often the still, small voice that we are drawn to, in order to hear the word of God.

Your message should explore the theme of hope. If using social media, please use #BUShope. If writing a letter or email, it should be no longer than 250 words and printed on one side of paper, it can be posted to our usual address marked “hope” or emailed to We are creating a YouTube channel where we will upload your videos. We would encourage you to film these on a phone held horizontally, and it should last no longer than 1 minute.

Please think carefully and prayerfully about the message of hope you wish to share. The videos will be streamed throughout Assembly, with letters on display in the exhibition area. Social media messages will be immediately live on our social media channels, and should be posted with appropriate care.

Videos of hope: To upload video use, When asked for email address use

God is at work in our nation, through our churches and the people of God. Amidst suffering, personal and national distress, facing a world in great pain and daily impacted by the sinful selfishness of humanity, the resurrection gives us reason for hope and the power to live differently. In these messages, let us remind one another of the hope we have and the stories of hope that emanate from that deep belief

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