LEAD Academy Learning Community

We have just finished the first session of our new Scottish Baptist learning community. ‘What is a learning community?’ you might ask. Here’s the recipe.

Take 44 people from the leadership teams of nine Scottish Baptist Churches. Let them spend two days addressing some challenging questions about their churches: What’s working? What’s stuck? What’s surprising? Dare to ask, Why does God say we exist? Why do we say we exist? Why does our community think we exist?

Start exploring what the culture of our local church is, and how that helps or hinders our fruitfulness. Boldly imagine where we could be in 2022 and what the journey from here to there might look like.

Do all this with the help of input from experienced practitioners, live and on video. Add substantial time for working together with your own church team and a lavish helping of interaction with peoplefrom other churches.

After two days, let each team prepare an action plan for the next six months. Pray for one anotherand go home with new insight, refreshed ambition, sharper clarity and energy to lead change. Dothis four times over a two year period and taste the results.

And the good news is, your church can have a slice. We are starting a new learning community in the autumn, open to all Scottish Baptist Churches. There is a taster day on Saturday 4 March at Granton Baptist Church, Edinburgh,

More information email: martin@scottishbaptist.org.uk