Kilmarnock Baptist Quenches Thirst!

A number of our churches will have been busy during the summer engaging with their community through local festivals, sporting events, kids clubs and community days. We hear from Kilmarnock Baptist who have been involved in quenching the thirst of runners in the annual ‘Roon the Toon’ 10K.

Kilmarnock Baptist Church was involved, for the second time, in the successful ‘Roon the Toon’ Annual 10K in Kilmarnock on Sunday 10th June 2018. The church provided a water station outside the church for the runners and also refreshments for supporters. Church members were actively handing out bottles of water to the runners and it was great to be able to serve the community in this way.

The church teamed up with young people from the Kilmarnock Athletics Club to pick up litter after the event. Again, this was a great opportunity to support the community and witness to people in practical ways. Since our participation last year, the organisers asked us to assist them as the participants and supporters valued our contribution so much! What a great opportunity take part in a community event and partner with other organisations in Kilmarnock.

As the run took place on Sunday at 10am, our congregation were extremely gracious by their willingness to shift the service an hour earlier so as to serve our community this way. We also hosted the Centrestage Gospel & Soul Choir, who were very lively in cheering on the runners.