Headphone Culture

You see them everywhere! They can either be hardly noticeable or they can look like two massive Krispy Kremes on the side of someone’s head. Headphones are everywhere! Every now and again I sit on a bus or train and try and do two things: 1) don’t look at my phone and 2) don’t listen to something. (usually the two go hand in hand). Sometimes I manage what seems to be the impossible and sit in stillness just being!

This isn’t just a young person thing, I know of one 70 year old who spends the majority of the day wearing massive noise cancelling headphones listening to the radio.

But what are people listening too?

68.1 billion individual music tracks were streamed in 2017. There are roughly 6 million people in the UK listen to Podcasts on a weekly basis (this is growing rapidly). People are plugged in and consuming content at incredible rates.

There are many reasons why many of us might be concerned about these rising trends. Where is stillness and contemplation? Is it even good for you physically or emotionally to be processing information and noise continually? These are all great questions and worthy of deep reflection and study. But not in this article!

So, Alpha (one of the BUS interns) and I have decided to see what all the fuss is about and have started an experimental podcast called ‘Headphone Culture’.

What is it? Well, for about 25 minutes we chat about life, faith and, of course, random stuff. The dynamic is me trying to understand the culture of those in their early 20’s. I discover why Memes exist. I learn about Sub Reddits and also why I ruin social media for young people!

We are not sure what we are doing, but we laugh a lot trying to work it all out.

The Headphone Culture Podcast will soon be found on all formats and of course we will tweet, post and Instagram when new episodes go out.

Join in with us some time. Or alternatively unplug your headphones and just be still and know His presence with you!

Ali Laing

BUS Younger