God is on the move!

It has been my privilege over these summer months to have visited a few different churches and to have met up with folks leading various ministries around Scotland. The encouraging thing has been the consistent story that God is on the move!

From churches who have regularly seen people come to faith, some have baptised a bunch of people, to other stories of churches really connecting with their local communities throughout the year.

A few quick examples:

Southside Church in Ayr have a Christmas project where they raise funds to buy bikes for children in their community who otherwise couldn’t afford a bike. The idea is so universally liked that people from outside the church get involved with giving toward the project.

Aberdeen Christian Fellowship have planted a church in the town of Portlethen on the outskirts of Aberdeen and all reports are of great success.

Cowdenbeath Baptist church ran its first holiday club ever over the summer and it was a great success.

Dumfries Baptist Church opening their new building and looking to develop the many ways that they already serve the local community through their building.


Portobello Baptist church partnered with 3 other local churches of different denominations to host 100 plus children for a summer holiday club.

These are just a few of the remarkable stories I’ve heard.  I am sure there are many others.  My encouragement to you is that these are not spectacular churches, they are ordinary churches all over our land serving our extraordinary God in ways that bless their neighbourhoods.

Be bold for God is on the move in our land.