Gathering to serve the community and share Jesus

Pollok Baptist Church are in exciting days… integrating into their local community. What does that look like?

It’s busy…
Getting to know local community leaders led to an invite to a meeting of residents forming to care for their local environment. We offered our building as a hub to gather in, set off from, return to and eat and barbecue together as a community during a litter-pick event. Church and local folks litter-picking together and hearing each other’s stories. All this additional to our weekly relational events.

It’s messy… on two fronts…
Firstly, a community of all faiths, ages, shapes, sizes and cultural backgrounds. Some gathered know Jesus only as a prophet, others as a swear word, some are curious and some definitely know Him as Saviour. Faith is shared – with a local councillor whose dad-in-law is dying in Pakistan. Prayer is offered – to a guy with a dodgy knee who now comes to our Sunday evening Christianity Explored cafe church. Secondly, relational mission in moments of vulnerability often cuts across how we usually do church: that can be very challenging indeed!!!!

But, it’s fabby…
For God is also sending other people we don’t even expect – and opening yet other doors. A food bank, community fridge, community cafe and throwing the odd summer BBQ! But it’s all relational as we minister to ‘whole’ people – with entry points to explore faith leaving room for God to work. It may cut across norms, but it’s worth it!

Mark Bentham
Dave Murray