Galashiels Prayer week

The line “Give us also Springs of water” (Judges1:12-15) shared by Alan Donaldson at Assembly last year, served as a great springboard here in Galashiels to lead the church in a week of Prayer. We took these thoughts in to generous prayers for all the Churches, the Community and surrounding towns which historically are so territorial.
As a church we took up the “Give us also Springs” theme into a three Sunday series. We prepared a leaflet for everyone to use as a pray guide and resource for the prayer week. The House groups were given to prayer that week, those able to prayer walk / prayer drive, did, and, some took the time to “people watch” and to take what they saw to the Lord in Prayer. Others with maps and lists of street names in front of them did virtual walks in their own homes and mind’s eye.
We organised a prayer and praise evening on the Friday and a drop in Prayer room on the Saturday. On the Sunday opportunity for testimony and feedback from the week was given
The very Nature of the Border Towns are communities formed and established due to the route of the rivers, so it has been a very easy step to link theses rivers to generous prayer for Spiritual refreshment along these same routes.
This has given us a refreshing start and attitude to the year ahead and we look forward to joining with the other Baptist Churches in the Borders over 2019 to continue to pray “Give us also Springs of water”