Eden: Kirkintilloch, Hillhead

A few months ago we, as a family, had a chat with Kirkintilloch BC regarding what the future may look like in an area of great need in Kirkintilloch, called Hillhead. The area is like many across our nation with spiraling unemployment, addiction issues and an ever increasing distance from the support many of the local residents need.


After much prayer, discussion and wise advice we established Scotland’s third Eden team. Eden believes in sending support to urban areas with high levels of deprivation and this is done in partnership with the local church to create a sustainable model of incarnational mission.  Eden’s drive comes from the words of Ezekiel 36:35: ‘This land that was laid waste has become like the garden of Eden; the cities that were lying in ruins, desolate and destroyed, are now fortified and inhabited.’  This is the vision we have for Hillhead.


My family and I have just bought a house and moved into the area. Another couple from church have done the same and another two people will be joining us in Hillhead in the coming few weeks. We are now part of this community and are seeking to build on relationships to find out how to serve the people of Hillhead as best we can with God’s support.


So far we have bought some people Christmas trees, we have helped some people decorate, we are starting lunch clubs at the local primary school as well as hopefully completing painting the railings all around one of the local schools! We want to demonstrate the love of Christ in really practical ways to the least, the last and the lost. What could be more exciting or rewarding!