Dr Jacqueline Primrose

Dr Jacqueline Primrose, former Convenor of the Baptist Union of Scotland and friend to a wide range of people in our churches, died and went to be with the Lord on Sunday 8th September 2019. She had bravely endured a battle with cancer during the last two years, overflowing with faith, hope and love through the ups and downs of various treatments. Let’s join in giving thanks for her life and holding in our prayers her husband, Colin, their children Deborah, Gillian and David, and their wider family.

Dr Jacqueline Primrose was appointed Convenor of the Baptist Union of Scotland in 2009. For over 7 years she served us faithfully and cheerfully. This voluntary role within our Union required dedication, courage, skill, the ability to listen and an exemplary Christian character which were clearly evident in her life.

Jacqueline showed great courage as she championed the forgotten or quiet voices and questioned the perceived wisdom of other leaders. She demonstrated dedication as she faithfully attended numerous meetings, travelling many miles to support churches and their leaders. She was skilled in following the arguments being presented at Assembly or Council, and ensured reports were complimentary and well-presented. She sought to ensure that what was organised was, above all, God-honouring.

Jacqueline was a careful and pastoral listener to colleagues, church office-bearers, Assembly delegates and Council members. She listened to the best and worst of Scottish Baptist life over the years and always sought to bring a sense of God’s presence and peace, whatever she encountered.

Jacqueline was a bringer of joy and life to our Union. Whether comforting staff during difficult periods of change, often supplying cake and calories with great liberality, or guiding our Assembly and Council with a sense of assurance and presence from which we all drew strength, Jacqueline smiled and believed in the great hope rooted in our faith in the resurrection of Christ.

We give grateful thanks to the Lord for the faithfulness of Jacqueline Primrose, a servant of Christ who accepted the call to serve our Union at a critical moment, pouring herself out in the service of our churches for the sake of Christ our Lord, in whose near presence she now rests.