Divided by borders. United by purpose

Since the beginning of the migrant crisis, 568 439 persons entered the Republic of Croatia. A few days ago, the camp in Slavonski Brod (a city in the Eastern Croatia, on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina) was covered in the first snow, as evidenced by the photograph of the snowman – with arms wide open, the snowman is the camp’s symbol of hospitality and welcoming to refugees in Croatia.

In search of a safer life, in search of freedom and dignity, many were forced to leave their homes, leave years of hard work, leave everything they owned, and start their life-changing journey; a journey of hope, journey towards a better life.

That „journey of hope“ which began in Syria, and went through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria to finally come to Germany, was not easy. As a matter of fact, that was a „journey through hell“, and Croatia found itself at the center of, and therefore became witness to the biggest migrant crisis in the history since World war II.

In the midst of that hell, a truly touching story happened in Slavonski Brod, that we were able to witness. One of the refugees that recently passed through Croatia while his family stayed in Turkey waiting for the dealers of boats (who charged 1000 Euros per person) to take them to Greece, received a message through WhatsApp that a part of his family along with 80 other people is in the boats in the Aegean sea. They were in big trouble due to storms and rough sea. He managed to give this information to the Croatian police, who immediately responded and notified the officials in Greece, who then successfully did their job and saved those people.

You can read the full story on the European Baptist Federation (EBF) website.