Costly Hope

I think we should call it Resurrection Day. ‘Easter Sunday’ sounds like a date in the calendar, along the lines of Spring Bank Holiday or Boxing Day. Resurrection Day sounds like a celebration, in the same spirit as Christmas Day.

Resurrection Day is our great celebration of hope. The risen Lord Jesus Christ is the promise and the proof of the coming kingdom of God. The powers of death and destruction that put on their best (or worst) show at the cross have been overwhelmed. What Jesus called ‘the renewal of all things’ is irreversibly on its way.

Living under the lordship of Christ now is a foretaste of life in his future kingdom. Amidst the political confusion and racist violence that have dominated our news recently, we are confident in God’s ultimate victory. Righteousness will have the last word.

But there is no way to Resurrection Day without first encountering Good Friday – the place of sacrifice, where God in Christ acted once and for all to reconcile the world to himself. As followers of Jesus in Baptist churches around the country, we recognise our calling to walk the costly path of humility, service, forgiveness and reconciliation. We can only witness to the history-transforming power of the resurrection with a demonstration of life-transforming cross-shaped love.

Rev Martin Hodson

Ministry Development Coordinator

Baptist Union of Scotland