Connecting people to the Light at Peebles BC

Halloween is a challenging time of year for many Christians. It’s an event which has so many disturbing spiritual overtones, quite apart from the concerns about children going from door to strangers’ door at night? How do we respond to this increasingly normalised event in a positive way; a way that is Good News in our community?
Peebles Baptist Church uses Scripture Union materials to run a Light Party – “a positive alternative to Halloween”, for the children in the town. The “superhero” themed party is aimed at primary school age kids, and includes crafts, games, apple dooking, and a Christian illusionist, as well as snacks and drinks. There’s a café area for parents too.

Publicised on Facebook and in local media, the response has been really encouraging; many parents with little or no formal church connection have enthusiastically signed up to something that is seen as safe, engaging, and well organised. It’s been another great opportunity to get the other churches in town involved too, with links being forged between the children’s work teams.