Christian Aid – EU Referendum Reflection

A message from Christian Aid’s Policy and Public Affairs Director, Christine Allen.

As one of Christian Aid’s sponsoring churches, I am pleased to share with you the attached reflections on the EU referendum. The current debate is highly politicised but also, from a development perspective, quite disappointing in that it does not seem to consider the impact of the referendum in a wider context.

Therefore we have developed this paper after much consideration of the issues and our values, as a contribution to the debate. The nature of the current environment around the debate, and recent guidelines from the Charity Commission, mean that Christian Aid is not able to take a position on Britain’s membership.  Christian Aid is not explicitly supporting either the “in” or the “out” campaign but we do feel this is an important opportunity for us all to reflect on how a vote to remain in or to leave the EU might make a difference to the world’s most vulnerable people, to peace and stability, and to the UK and EU’s contributions to ending global poverty. This paper highlights some of the key values, issues and questions that people should consider when deciding how to vote.  It will be available on our website.

 We are encouraging staff, supporters and you, our sponsoring churches, to consider the questions in the paper. We hope this will be a useful contribution to the debate.

 You are most welcome to share it with your churches, but please note that it is a reflection on how the EU referendum might affect the world’s poorest people. It is not a position on the referendum per se.