The Changing face of ministry

Across Scotland, Baptist Union churches are responding to the challenges and many opportunities for mission and ministry in fresh and exciting ways.

Our way of doing church depends on strong, vibrant community. Where every member is a minister of Jesus Christ, active in participating in the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ. We need lead-ministers who will inspire, motivate and release others into Jesus-centred service. In this, ministry is about developing team.

In East Mains Baptist Church in East Kilbride, a church that has consistently grown and developed ministry into the wider community, senior pastor Jim McGillivray is changing roles with Mark Cairney, his associate pastor for 11 years. Jim is becoming part time associate and the church plans to appoint another full time associate pastor in the near future. Senior Pastor Mark comments, “One of the great benefits of being in a dynamic team ministry is that you can spur one another on in the common goal of the local church you serve in.

On the south-side of Glasgow, an exciting new development in Pollok Baptist Church is the appointment of two pastors, Mark Bentham and Dave Murray, working together in leading the church.  Mark Bentham observes, “Team or ‘shared’ ministry is modeling a leadership style away from the solo pastor who, traditionally, was expected to do everything and have all the necessary giftings & competencies. I believe it’s a better ‘fit’ biblically and as the team members grow of themselves so others around them will grow in Christ too. Of course, like in any relationship, it requires a certain humility – both on the part of each team member and the congregation being served. But, probably, there lies its weight and success!!”. Dave enthuses, “ What I’m looking forward to in regards to team ministry is the opportunity to meet together, pray together, share together and grow together then encourage others. To be able to express our individual gifts and to support each other throughout “.

In Stirling Baptist Church, within a lead-ministry team of 6, Rob Fraser-Binns has recently been ordained in his role as pastor for the ‘under 25’s’. Executive pastor David Gooding comments, “Rob’s ordination has been a significant time for us at Stirling Baptist as we affirm his calling to minister to us and particularly to our younger generation. It has been important to recognise that this role requires of him equally as much passion, sacrifice, gifting and dependence upon God as all other ministry positions and that it is vital to our church family”.