BUS @ Soul Survivor

We are grateful to Amanda Hiddleston from Stirling Baptist who has written about her experiences at Soul Survivor Scotland, which took place in Lendrick Muir at the end of July.

Soul Survivor Scotland 2019 was an absolute blast and an incredible week, which is always one of my personal highlights of the year. This is due to the amazing space and atmosphere which is created as you are surrounded by others who love Jesus, creating a great sense of community.  This year was the biggest ever Soul Survivor in Scotland, with around 1500 people attending from different church denominations. This is what makes it even more special as everyone has come together to worship, learn, pray for one another and just live life together.  It is a fantastic reminder that no matter which denomination we come from, we are all part of the same family under Christ.  The majority of people attending Soul Survivor are young people who are there to explore and grow in their faith for themselves. This can be done through great teaching from Mike Pilavachi, Andy Croft and others, which takes place in the main meeting, as well as the seminar programme throughout the week. Along with the teaching there is so much more which goes on during the day and evening things like sport, chill time, late night worship around a bonfire, silent disco and to finish the week off in the only way you can in Scotland there is a ceilidh. However, during all the numberless amazing things that happen during the week the best thing about it just being able to see God moving in people’s lives in an incredible ways and seeing the young people responding to God. Furthermore, an even more exciting thing to see is that there are always young people who become followers of Jesus for the first time at Soul Survivor and this year was no different where as a family for Christ we were able to welcome 60 new people into the family.