Building Bridges at Sheddocksley Baptist Church

After appointing our first ever paid youth worker 3 years ago now, we have seen God’s faithfulness and blessings in incredible ways. We have continued to ‘build bridges’ with local young people through the development of our weekly street football project (in partnership with Aberdeen YMCA), weekly school lunchtime drop in club and weekly youth café. These bridges allow many young people to find a safe place to express their passion and a belonging that most have never known before. Alongside our Friday night youth cafes we launched Youth Alpha last year and God has really answered our prayers with the number of young people engaging with Alpha on a weekly basis being the highest it has ever been (20 local youth). The team have been touched that young people ask after them when they are not there and the fact that young people “know my name” has shown the impact these young people have on our church family. Hosting our first Romance Academy for local teenagers as part of their school curriculum was a real highlight, being able to journey through the minefield of healthy relationships with a group of local teens was such an honour.

Simon Dennis (Lead Pastor) commented that “recently one of our local teachers said that pupils in our local secondary school felt that our church’s presence in their school was “a positive experience”. She continued to describe our input as fun, and added that we are a calming presence in the school and that we come with “understanding and a non judgemental attitude”, but that they recognise this being linked to the faith in Christ we hold. God has really blessed us with open doors into his Kingdom in this neighbourhood, the BUS ministry resource fund has enabled us to build a long term fruitful partnership with the school which provides endless opportunities for the love and hope of Christ to be made known in words and actions. We are trusting Him for His continued provision for our ministry as 2017 unfolds…

Testimonies from local secondary teachers:

“Many vulnerable children have found your youth cafe through going to the Friday lunchtime drop in sessions at school, and ventured out of their houses for the first time ever.  Something that is really lacking in their world, a connection with the real world….”

“I found the experience very positive. I always feel I am speaking to someone who won’t judge me…. It is an honour to work with you because it feels like I was working with a person who is working and living the way you wants to. That you truly believed that what you do can make a difference… radiated faith in something…..”