Dez Johnston is leading an Eden team connected with Kirkintilloch Baptist Church in Hillhead, Kirkintilloch. He reflects on the boldness required for such a task.

“To live life counter culturally, can seem like a bold and courageous act of faith. Especially when you move your family and ask others to join you in a community where people are normally keen to escape. However, it doesn’t feel like that, it feels natural and this is because the apparent large scale boldness is born out of many smaller decisions that God has used to make this calling clear and relevant.

The choice to live out our faith practically in community with the least, the last and the lost means that what may seem bold to many, has to be our reality. The boldness we need to have is being relentless in love. Chaotic lives means working with chaos, three steps forward regularly means twelve steps back. Our boldness is to be there not 7 times but 77 times.

The love we know from God drives us to emulate an Acts 2 church rooted within community, giving the most precious thing we have… time. No matter what situation or adventures are in someone’s life, sharing time with them for nothing more than love… is our bold reality! Is our calling… is our mission… is Love.”