Awake Dumbarton

Churches in Dumbarton are two months into ‘Awake Dumbarton’ – two years of united, serious prayer and fasting for an awakening of the Christian faith in our town.
As the relative new boy in town and minister of Dumbarton Baptist Church, I felt convicted by the Spirit and encouraged by my own leaders to tackle a sense of paralysis hanging over the local minister’s gathering and the grass roots Dumbarton Churches Together. God gave me Isaiah 51.9 to hang the whole enterprise on: “Awake, awake, arm of the LORD, clothe yourself with strength! Awake, as in days gone by, as in generations of old.”
In case there’s any misunderstanding though, it wasn’t God who needed wakening up but his people in our town!
The process of sticking with the vision and presenting it clearly is another article in itself, but after several months we finally arrived at our launch night at the local theatre on 12th January. What we now have is a weekly, early-morning prayer meeting at Costa in Dumbarton High Street, five prayer walking teams and a weekly fast on a Monday, where people pray for an awakening of the Christian faith in our town instead of eating lunch.
New prayer groups are beginning and isolated churches are also getting involved. Awake Dumbarton is slowly but surely capturing the collective imagination and the atmosphere is changing.
None of us are prepared to watch on while the others go down. We’ve put on our collective spiritual armour and we’re taking a stand for our town.